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B  R  E  A  K  F  I  E  L  D .

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Is a multi media company, specializing in projects focusing on the LGBTQ experience. The company is named after my great grandmothers childhood homeBreakfield is my birthplace. A space to dream, to plant, to grow & to  continue decades of storytelling.


A number of projects are in the works; a solo music project of late night lounge blues recording of songs by written by artists including Tom Waits, Marianne Faithful, Marilyn Manson, The Village Stompers  & Screaming Jay Hawkins.


Current focus is on a true crime feature about the murder of dozens of young gay men in the USA over 20 years ago. The film will finally give these innocent victims a voice & shine a light on how far we still need to evolve in respecting LGBTQ people. Many gay people are still exposed to condemnation, violence & murder. Especially my transgender sisters & brothers. 

Break field is compelled to tell this story & other personal stories of LGBTQ people we know & love. Stories that focus on our experience, that ideally focus on  LGBTQ narratives & / or our allies.



Nick's first play 'Where Do You Plan To Spend Eternity? debuted at the West Hollywood Short & Sweet LGBTQ Festival in in 2019.

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